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Property rights, Obamacare, 2nd Amendment, Executive Mandates

Heather Gass talks about the One Bay Area Plan KSCO Radio

Click here to listen to Heather's conversation on KSCO Radio with Georgia
Globalization of California. Attend a Forum for Regaining Local Control
Join Heather Gass on May 3rd at Treasure Island
For more information, 

Victory in Marin!

The residents of Fairfax gathered 1000 signatures in two weeks to defeat the high density apartment building forced upon them by their city council.  This victory shows what a little activisim can do.
Click here for the full article in the Marin Independent Journal
New Section! See PCA Land Grabs - Click Here

Stop Richmond from seizing your home using your right to Quite Title

  • Quite Title can stop Richmond’s proposed plan to seize underwater mortgages under eminent domain.

What is Quiet Title? 

  • Facing government seizure on the one hand, and potential foreclosure from predatory financial institutions on the other, individual homeowners are faced with a King Kong v Godzilla no-win situation. Individual homeowners are completely marginalized by powerful corporate interests including cities (Richmond), banks, Wall Street finance, and large national loan servicing agents, who will easily spend tens of millions of dollars to defend their respective claims in court.  Read more...
Must Read About Common Core Indoctrinating Our Children
  • Common Core, a mandated government school curriculum, will indoctrinate it social justice (socialism), anti-capitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, self-esteem, affective, math, and culture-sensitive spelling and language. This is done in the name of consciousness raising, moral relativity, fairness, diversity, and multiculturalism. Read more...
  • For more information see Paul Preston - Website:

County delays decision on housing program as capacity crowd chimes in
By Nels Johnson

    After a packed hearing featuring a long parade of passionate partisans, a decision on county housing density policies, zoning and potential development sites along Highway 101 was delayed to next Tuesday.

    A standing-room-only crowd of more than 250 jammed the supervisors' chambers, rivaling in size and intensity the crowds that argued about the future of Hamilton Air Force Base 35 years ago.

    So many rose to speak that officials were forced to continue the discussion for a week. Many carried signs signaling opposition to housing density programs for Marinwood and Strawberry, while others clutched "equal housing opportunity" signs.  Read more...

Tim Donnely opposes California SB1
Government can force your to sell your property at any time.
See Tim in the video below.

SB 1 re-constitutes redevelopment law by authorizing a city and county that included the territory of a redevelopment agency to form a "Sustainable Communities Investment Authority" to comply with the provisions of Community Redevelopment Law using the assets of a former redevelopment agency. It creates a new transactions and use tax in contravention of Prop. 26, requires no finding of blight, allows private property to be taken for private use, requires the payment of prevailing wages and labor compliance programs, includes infrastructure investments to support grocery stores in "food desert" areas, and requires a jobs plan that includes targeting ex-cons for hire.

Contact Heather to learn how to create and join county task forces.

Hi everyone, 
As you know the One Bay Area plan has been adopted, which means that high density Priority Developments all over the Bay Area will be the norm.  And the next phase of the ABAG/MTC plan is to target private property for acquisition and conservation.


I am heading up a task force for Contra Costa County. I have a plan to attack this and would be willing to share this and create separate county task forces specific to this effort. If you are interested in becoming a task force leader for your county and/or interested in working as a member of a task force within your county let me know asap.


I will be holding a tactical training session very soon.

--Heather Gass

Celeste Paradise serenades the fascist MTC/ABAG leaders with her own rendition of "America the Beautiful"!

  • Obamacare now directs all of you health care.
  • Found constitutional and "mandated" by the American People's vote on Nov. 6th. 
  • This law now puts the US Secretary of Health and Human Services in charge of every Health Care activity in the United States.  
  • Watch the video below to see how Obamacare will take your money and you abilithy to care for your parents and children.

Don't take any Priority Conservation Area(PCA) Grants!

Click here to see more in our new PCA Land Grabs Page
  • MTC-ABAG are throwing money in to rural areas, many of them private property or impacting private property. Encourage your city and your neighbors not to take grants,  too many strings attached. 
  • Click here to see the brochure explaining the program.
  • The Video below shows how PCA is affecting your community without your knowledge.
Common Core $2 Billion in Cost to California.
Washington Experts run your schools.Common Core $2 Billion in Cost to California.
Washington Experts run your schools.
Tim Donnely speaks out against
Common Core $2 Billion in Cost to California.
Washington Experts run your schools.
A group of us had the privilege of going to Sacramento to speak with several state assembly members and senators' staff on Thursday. Then on Friday assemblyman Tim Donnelly made this speech from the floor! Please be encouraged to write, call and speak with your state assembly members and senators voicing your opposition to Common Core. 
See Tom's speech in the video below.

Plan Bay Area: Telling People What to Do

Click HerePlan Bay Area: Telling People What to Do - Heartland Institute (blog)

The San Francisco area's recently adopted Plan Bay Area may set a new standard ... Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).

Irrational Planning

Violating perhaps the most fundamental requirement of a rational plan, Plan Bay Area begins with a situation that no longer exists. Further, it is based on exaggeration, systematic disregard of official federal government projections and overly optimistic planning assumptions.

Contact Heather - Let's run for Danville City Council

Hi everyone, 
Hi Everyone, Just wondering if you any of you plan on running for City Council in Danville? Or do you know of anyone who is against all this Stack and Pack stuff who might want to run. If so, let me know. We need to get people on our council who will protect our town.

--Heather Gass

The Plan Bay Area Outreach Meeting Video by Common Sense Studios

    The video below captures what it's like to go to these meetings where you try to offer your opinion.  See what it's like to talk to a bureaucrat.
    The video accurately describes the lack of planning for schools, water, and even public transportation in the plan for more hi-density housing and it shows how a bureaucrat "thinks".

UNSUSTAINABLE - Revealing the Truth Behind Agenda 21 

    Judd Saul, Producer and Craig Bergmen, nationally syndicated talk show host are working on funding a no-nonsense video about the "sustainability movement".     
    "UNSUSTAINABLE" is the definitive documentary revealing the truth behind Agenda 21, the United Nation's blueprint for the 21st century.

Witness the stories of people from across the globe as their lives, families, and fortunes have been affected by an international doctrine with very serious consequences.

    Click here to watch their video on Kickstarter'


    Watch the video below.